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Mushroom sauce, cream and pickled mushrooms in oil


Nova Ambassador
Thierry Graffagnino
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Let yourself be seduced by the Quality of simple, genuine cuisine, famous the world over: nova offers you an extensive selection of pickles in oil, sauces and creams, all with a unique and unmistakeable flavour, all made in Italy.
Highly qualified personnel supervise the production of nova’s mushrooms, mushroom sauce and all pickles in oil. All nova products: from champignon mushrooms to pickled mushrooms in oil from the Veneto region, from canned mushrooms to cream of mushroom, undergo a production process that is controlled by the quality department. From receiving the raw material to delivering the final product to the customer, nova carries out scrupulous daily checks into each phase of the process.
Whether you decide to try nova’s appetising champignon mushrooms in oil or if you opt for nova’s delicious mushroom sauce to add flavour to your dishes, you’ll always get the same result: an enticing and intense sense of pleasure for your taste buds.
Nova’s sauces and creams offer consumers completely natural products. What does that mean? It means that nova’s sauces don’t contain any preservatives or acidifiers. And that’s not all! Nova has also thought about those suffering from allergies: in fact, its sauces and creams don’t contain any gluten, allergens, milk or other dairy products. You’ll finally have the chance to use all the flavours that the world of vegetables has to offer, enhancing and flavouring your dishes: from the cream of mushroom, to the cream of radicchio, from the cream of peppers to the cream of asparagus, artichoke or nettle. You always know what you’re getting with one of our cream of vegetables, or indeed with any nova product: great food that’ll make you feel even better!
Nova’s mushroom sauce and all its creams, mushrooms and pickles in oil, in the range of packaging available: canned, in glass jars and packets, aren’t just sold in Italy. In fact, Nova is renowned all over the world for its excellent products. France, Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, Malta, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland, Russia, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Canada and, last but not least, Lithuania, are the countries where you’ll find the excellence and pride of nova’s products from Italy’s Veneto region.
Thierry Graffagnino, the world famous French pizza chef and ambassador for nova, uses nova’s pickles in oil in all of his recipes. Nova’s porcini mushrooms, champignon mushrooms, creams, mushroom sauce, sauces and all pickles in oil are key ingredients in pizzas with exceptional flavour. In a world where passion for great flavour is combined with the experience of the chef, genuine ingredients are essential if you want guaranteed success”.