Nova Funghi was born in 1980, thanks to the intuition of Mr. Scapin, the Company’s current owner and mentor. Inspired by the taste of the old Venetian recipes, the Company‚Äôs founder wanted to share his passion with the domestic market and produce ready to eat mushrooms for foodservice.
Throughout time Nova has expanded its production to increase its range of vegetables products.

Today Nova, thanks to the second generation of this family-owned business, is still committed to the production of more than 150 items to supply retail chains with an increasing number of solutions and added values.


We are a well estabilished Company in Veneto. Our aim is to improve our position on the market and affirm our role as a leader in the foodservice and retail sectors for mushrooms and vegetables thanks to 5 principles that guide us and inspire us daily.

  • Maintain and improve our leading position in the mushroom market to efficiently respond to the needs of retail chains and foodservice
  • Develop strong relationship with professionals (cooks, food technologists and nutritionists)
  • Use our already consolidated relationships with our customers in order to achieve mutual satisfaction in terms of quality and competitiveness
  • Set high production standards for quality, safety and innovation thanks to the continuous commitment of our staff
  • Maintain a high level of efficiency in the long run thanks to investments in equipment

We also want offer customers products created to become an ingredient, products that they can use every day. We strive to win a place in your kitchen and in your heart.


Besides offering the market our own brand Nova, we are also specialized in the private label field where we manage more than 50 different brands for the top players in foodservice and retail markets in Italy.
With our customers we develop and plan the products choosing the best raw materials in order to live up to their expectations.
Our goal is to offer natural products for a daily use, low in calories, that also express their Italian heritage.
We also want offer customers products that they can use every day. We strive to win a place in your kitchen and in your heart.