The assistant cook

Everyone knows that the best pizza is made in Italy with the Italian style. Everyone knows that the success of pizza is due to the environment, the raw materials and the inspiration that Italians have.

But what is really behind its success?

There are a lot of stakeholders with experience: pizza makers, food shops, wholesalers, production companies, farmers and so on…
Nova is the paramount ring of this chain because it’s the producer that chooses the best raw materials and gives the market a ready, easy to use product, suitable for both professional cooks and people at home.

Nova produces many products, including the most used ingredients to make pizzas (mushrooms, artichokes, eggplants, peppers, courgettes, onions and delicious vegetable creams), as well as ingredients for other dishes such as pasta, risotto, meat, sandwiches etc.

Nova’s range is obviously found in cans and jars, but what distinguishes the company are surely the pouches!

Special sautéed vegetables prepared using traditional Italian recipes: this is what makes a pizza an Italian pizza!

This packaging allows Nova to increase the drained weight because the product needs less oil for a correct preservation during its shelf life. Furthermore, this kind of packaging reduces the amount of rubbish and keeps the environment cleaner. The cooks open the pouches and use only the amount needed… after that they can put the pouches back in the fridge… Easy!

This is what really happens in Italian pizzerias and restaurants.

Here’s the secret revealed to you!

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