Quiche with Asparagus and Mortadella

Torta salata agli asparagi e mortadella

The quiche with asparagus and mortadella is a tasty, easy and quick recipe to make. Follow our chef’s advice and you will get an exceptional meal!



•Brisè pasta –shortcrust pastry  for quiche only
• Bechamel
• Whole eggs
• Grated cheese
Asparagus cream – 212 ml jar
• Mortadella
• Salt to taste.
• Pepper as needed.


  1. Prepare the filling by mixing together béchamel, whole eggs, grated cheese, asparagus cream , diced mortadella, salt and pepper.
    2. Roll out the brisè pasta in a cake mold and prick it with a fork.
    3. Now fill it with the mixture and bake for about 30 minutes in a 180 ° C ventilated ovenYour quiche with asparagus and mortadella is now ready to be enjoyed!
    Enjoy your meal.