Risotto with porcini and chanterelles – Che sugo di nova funghi

Risotto ai porcini e finferli

The secret of the most delicious porcini and chanterelles risotto you’ve ever tasted lies in both the choice of the raw material and its preparation. Follow the recipe and discover how to make all your guests fall in love with this dish.

Risotto with porcini and chanterelles

What do you think of when you hear the words “porcini” and “chanterelles” ? We are reminded of autumn, leaves, woods and that fabulous scent of risotto with porcini mushrooms and chanterelles! Among all this types of risotto, this is actually our favourite one. What’s yours? Follow our recipe and see  how quickly it will become your favourite meal!

The importance of the raw material of risotto with mushrooms.

The quality of the raw material makes the difference for every meal, especially if we are talking  about risotto.
How do you choose the best mushrooms?

You know them so well that you can go and  pick some in the woods, when you have the time and the luck to find them.

You can also rely on those who know  and cultivate mushrooms and make them available for you, just like we do. The quality of the products, besides being guaranteed, is also certified. Who uses nova in the kitchen is sure to eat only healthy and good food!

Che sugo finferli e porcini- chanterelles and porcini mushrooms sauce

Che sugo finferli e porcini- chanterelles and porcini mushrooms sauce is the perfect  sauce for your first courses and not only: it is made with selected top quality mushrooms without gluten, has no preservatives, no milk and derivatives, all this makes it perfect  for every need!
With Che-sugo  line, cooking becomes easier and your inspiration can be unleashed in hundreds of both fast and delicious meals!

Risotto with porcini and chanterelles mushrooms for 4 people:

– 400 g of husked- rice (Vialone nano) or superfine (Carnaroli, Arborio)
– 290 g nova porcini mushrooms in olive oil
– 110 g of butter (60 g for the sauté and 50 g for the creaming process. Replace the butter with the margarine for those who are lactose intolerant)
– 2 tufts of parsley
– 1 small glass of dry white wine
– two 190g jars of CHESUGO ai finferli e porcini- porcini and chanterelles sauce(will need about 1 jar and 1/3 or both jars for richer portions)
– 1 l of vegetable broth
– 1 onion (or shallot, if you prefer a most delicate flavour)
– grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese (only for those who are not lactose intolerant)
– Salt to taste.
– pepper to taste.


Risotto with porcini and chanterelles mushrooms, here’s how to prepare:

– Using a pan, melt 60g of butter (or margarine) and add a finely chopped onion (or shallot).
– Mix the onion until it becomes transparent.
– Add 400 g of rice into the pan and stir until it is toasted.
– Now add some white wine and let it evaporate
– Cook the risotto over medium heat gradually adding  some broth.
– After 10 minutes, open a nova porcini mushroom jar, drain and then pour the porcini mushrooms into the pot.
– During the creaming add the grated Grana and 50 g of butter (only if your  guests are not  lactose intolerant) together with nova Che sugo ai finferli e porcini – chanterelles and porcini mushrooms sauce and vigorously stir clockwise.
– When cooked, the heart of the rice grains must be soft.
– Adjust the salt, season with ground pepper and finally add some fresh parsley into small pieces.

Your risotto with porcini and chanterelles mushrooms is now ready to be served. Do you want to add a true touch of class to your  table?

We recommend some excellent wines to accompany this delicious meal. Choose your favourite one!

Our sommelier recommends
Risotto with porcini and chanterelles mushrooms. Here are the wines recommended by our sommelier:
To accompany the intense flavour of risotto with porcini and chanterelles mushrooms, our sommelier recommends a white wine featured by  a delicate flavour or a not too full-bodied red:

– Trento Doc
– Franciacorta
– Barbera d’Asti
– Rosso di Montalcino
– Sangiovese di Romagna
– Marzemino
– Dolcetto d’Alba

Enjoy your meal!

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